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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley IM-gate drama-rama: enter the spectre of Xenu, stage right...

Maybe we shouldn't be upset about this year's "October Surprise" because we have the element of surprise this time. Disgraced House member Mark Foley (R - Florida 16th District) has become the weighty albatross around the GOP's neck that no amount of discussion of political malfeasance, fishy elections, lies in the days leading up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq has managed to become. Nothing like a good sex scandal to change things. After all, Dubya hasn't been impeached over his deception of the American public and the Congress of the United States, but Clinton was impeached over a blowjob between consenting adults. If it takes a sex scandal to flip the House and Senate, so be it.

Before I mention the latest turn of the screw with regard to Foley, let me just warn you that it does not come from an unimpeachable source yet. This information is off of Wonkette, hardly a reliable source. But if it pans out, it is quite interesting.

Apparently the "undisclosed rehab" that Foley has been sent to is run by the Church of Scientology.

This can mean two things.

Scenario one: Foley is getting Scientologist "reparative therapy" for not only alcohol and gambling, two foibles that Foley's people are copping to, but also his homosexuality, forced out of the closet by IM-Gate. From what I understand this is gnarly stuff, akin to the questionable "therapies" that led to the death of Lisa McPherson.

Scenario two: Foley is sufficiently famous enough to where he is safely in the arms of the Celebrity Center and laying low while this scandal blows over. That is, if it can blow over considering that the accusations Foley faces could rise to the level of criminal charges.

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