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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tell "Kronk" to pull "The Path to 9/11"

Now, I am a major animation fan. Anyone who knows me knows that. In the Disney movie The Emperor's New Groove there was a character named Kronk. Initially he's the minion of the villain, the sorceress Yzma. But Kronk takes a "face" turn by the end of the movie and helps defeat Yzma.

Disney fans have taken to calling Robert Iger, the Disney CEO, "Kronk" because he was initially feared to be as bad as the CEO he replaced, the much-loathed Michael Eisner. However, his first move as CEO was to restart talks between Disney and Pixar and eventually buy Pixar, put Steve Jobs on the Board, and put Pixar genius John Lasseter in charge of Disney Animation and Disney Theme Parks. This bodes well for an animation renaissance at Disney.

Now Iger needs to step forward again and show the world that he can do the right thing with regard to this Right Wing propaganda movie.

The website Think Progress has put together a mailer script which will send emails directly to Iger's email box with regard to the upcoming "Path to 9/11" movie. Since ABC, a Disney subsidiary, will be showing the movie, he ultimately is the one who has to answer for this.

You can voice your displeasure to Robert Iger here.