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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Testing out this-here contraption

Taking a few moments out from voting NO on our "governator" 's expensive special election propositions to see if this blog works...

Time to take back the good ole US of A...

Here we are, one year after Diebold "delivered Ohio for George W. Bush," and gave us another term of All Dubya, All The Time. However, things don't necessarily seem entirely hopeless. Scandals have been buffetting the GOP all this year, and the 2,000th dead American soldier was like a bucket of cold water in the face of the body politic.

It's time to get ready, get steeled up for the biggest fight we will ever wage. Nothing less than the soul of America is in the balance. Take back the House. Take back the Senate. Get that assclown from Austria out of Sacramento and send him running back...hell, not to Hollywood, I live near there! Send him back to Austria. Get his sorry ass out of my Golden State. Paint a whole mess of other State Houses true, shining BLUE. This is only the beginning. Accomplish this, and 2008 beckons. I would love to be able to watch TV on Inauguration Day, 2009, and feel pride again as a Democratic President takes the oath of office. We were robbed of seeing President Kerry take the oath this year. We were robbed of seeing President Gore in 2001. We won't get robbed again.

(Of course, if we do, I'm packing up as soon as I get my Bachelor's and doing my postgrad work in Canada.)

The real action here will start in January. Until then, keep the faith and stay true BLUE.