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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Let's support the troops and seal the deal...

If you support the troops, VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

Here is a taste of what military families deal with on the home front.

Food insecurity.
Getting behind on the rent.
Winding up in a Payday Loan hole big enough to drive a hummer into. That was recently changed with a cap on what military families can be charged for loans...36%. THIRTY SIX PERCENT. A while back when we still had usury laws that was loan shark territory. Now we don't. Thanks Rethugs.

It still gets me pig-biting mad to see our own government which claims to honor the troops showing that they consider them cannon fodder only. Trillions for defense, and not a penny to the widows and orphans.

The best way you can support the troops is to go to the polls November 7th. Not Ocho de Noviembre as that damn GOP mailer sent to Spanish-surnamed people in the OC said, but NOVEMBER 7TH. Go there and VOTE. Do it for the people in uniform. Do it for their families. Do it for the little kids who have their "flat daddy" cutout to remind them what their real 3D daddy or mommy looks like...that is unless their daddy or mommy comes home in a 3D pine box in the dead of night, and gets delivered to the family in an unmarked van.

God this makes me mad.

I'm not alone, thankfully. Discussion on Kos.