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Heard the Word of Blog?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The hard work of the blogosphere...

...did exactly Jack and Shit and Jack left town.

It aired. Not just in the US but in New Zealand and in Britain too. Supposedly there were some cuts in the US showings but the message still came through loud and clear: BLAME CLINTON FIRST.

Of course, when the sacred holy name of Ronald Wilson Reagan gets besmirched, even a little, the Rethuglicans can get CBS to pull a TV movie and shunt it off onto Showtime.

This should have been buried on ABC Family Channel. Instead...DAMMIT! It's everywhere.

However, since this mess aired in the UK, perhaps maybe Clinton might sue for libel there. Their libel laws are fairly victim-friendly compared to the US. Go get 'em, Bubba!!!